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Reconstruction, restoration and construction from A to Z

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About Us

Our team has gained considerable experience in the construction, reconstruction and restoration of buildings and structures for private and governmental customers in St. Petersburg and in North-West Russia, including the construction of construction of multi-family housing. Another main sphere of our activity is the reconstruction and restoration of facades and interiors of buildings-monuments of both regional and federal architectural significance.

ODuring our activities, we made a wide range of business partners: design bureaus, construction organizations, suppliers of building materials and equipment, creative workshops of various kinds, art workshops that allow us comprehensively and flexibly approach the implementation of tasks from sketches and projects to the realization of an idea. To carry out our activities, we have all the necessary certificates, clearances, permits and regulations established by applicable law, as well as our own workshops, industrial base, the necessary equipment and mechanisms. We provide consultations for customers and developers; we can supervise and carry out the project from the layout and pre-design phase to the construction and commissioning phases. We are also ready to consider proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation.
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Close cooperation with the authorities producing organizational, design, installation, construction and commissioning works, allow us to carry out work on or construction of facilities for various purposes.

It is very important to follow the sequence and take into account the existing technology for building structures. Otherwise, the object will not be able to cope with various negative factors and will begin to deform in any of its structural parts. At each stage of construction, the following factors are important:
• professional skills;
• quality of used raw materials;
• type of working tools and equipment;
• option for the implementation of a design idea;
• other nuances arising in the process of building a house.

An integrated approach and practical experience always help to cope with difficulties at the construction site. As a result, the finished building has all the necessary communication systems, water supply, heating and sewage. Each engineering element is in its place and performs the assigned functions.

If you need professional help with in the construction or reconstruction of structures, the Patriot Group will do the necessary work with generally accepted technology.
The finished object will have all the supporting documents and a well-established engineering system. The probability of having conditions that are not favorable for living is very low. All construction work is carried out by experienced craftsmen, and the objects are commissioned without delay. Construction is a responsible event that must be trusted by real masters.

Customer Service
Customer service is the provision of full accompanying control over the construction process, where the rights of each party are protected. Such a profitable and highly effective cooperation is carried out due to the fact that all conditions are initially openly negotiated, and then there is control and strict requirements are put forward for implementation to ensure the quality of the work performed.

First of all, the functionality of this service includes the selection of a reliable and profitable partner. After that, this service will conduct constant and productive work with all bodies carrying out state supervision, with contractors and investors. And of course, with organizations whose responsibilities include the preparation of design estimates.

The Patriot Group provides customer service at any stage of the project: from site selection to commissioning.

Utility networks
The combination of engineering communications, used directly for sewage, water supply, heating and energy supply, is an integral part of the organization of life support in new or old buildings.

Without them, it is impossible comfortable living inside the house. Therefore, the procedure for conducting engineering networks is treated as responsibly and attentively as possible.

It is very important to use modern consumables to organize this or that system, as they are more efficient and cost-effective to use. The use of old products will not allow to provide the necessary level of comfort.

The Patriot Group monitors modern construction trends and in the process of organizing engineering networks only:

• Advanced supplies;
• Qualitative tools;
• Professional skills of experienced craftsmen (having official permission to perform complex and dangerous jobs);
• The latest technology and practical knowledge in this area.

Engineering networks are organized taking into account the wishes of the customer, the features of the location of the building, the requirements of regulatory documents and state standards. Installation and commissioning of the engineering system is carried out as part of the service provided.

During the operation of various networks, the owner of the house is obliged to monitor their functioning and seek help in case of emergency. Our company performs the highest quality measures for the organization of engineering networks inside the house. The possibility of a breakdown or defect in the operation of the systems is extremely low.


Any structure is erected on a pre-prepared supporting structure - the foundation. It is laid below the level of freezing of the soil to prevent swelling and freezing. Foundation preparation is carried out at an ambient temperature of +5 degrees Celsius.

There are different types of foundation base:
• shallow
• monolithic
• socket
• continual
• columnar
• pier

Their choice depends on climatic conditions, soil characteristics, bearing needs, type of building and other important criteria. When pouring a strip or monolithic foundation, mainly concrete mixtures based on sand, gravel (a certain fraction) of cement and water are used. For additional reinforcement, metal fittings can be used. They provide the integrity and strength of the supporting structure.

When pouring the strip foundation, it is necessary to observe the sequence of actions and take into account the general technologies of the construction process. Best of all, the professional Patriot Group copes with such tasks.

The organization of the foundation of any type for objects of various purposes is one of the activities of the company. In the process of implementing the work, many natural factors that can affect the process are taken into account.

The Patriot Group has all the necessary tools, practical experience and professional skills. Work on the installation of any type of foundation is carried out as efficiently and on time.

Medical Equipment

Group of Companies «PATRIOT» is a supplier of medical equipment and furniture, as well as representative of leading manufacturers in the field of medicine and health care.
Provide comprehensive supplies of medical furniture and equipment for health centres, hospitals, polyclinics, hospitals, dental clinics, educational institutions, beauty salons, veterinary clinics and other related institutions; and where medical equipment and medical furniture are required.
Our specialists will always consult, help yo choose and will select only tested and high-quality products.
We are trying to improve maximally, simplify and make most comfortable working conditions, alongside with advanced medical technologies!

Our Most Significant Finished Projects

Medical Equipment

St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications

Business Center "Light House"

Lenta Shopping Center

installation of metal structures

High-rise building with parking

installation of metal structures

Base for the development and production of gas turbine engines

installation of metal structures

The Russian Museum

Facade reconstruction

Liteynyy avenue 20, 40

Facade reconstruction

The cultural center of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate in St. Petersburg

Facade reconstruction

Furniture Center

installation of metal structures

Pig farm

installation of metal structures with earthwork

production and installation of non-standard equipment

Shopping mall with parking

installation of roofing and wall sandwich panels

Workshop reconstruction

installation of sandwich panels

Welding Material Plant


Medical Center "7 Doctors"

Customer Service

Medical center on Korablestroiteley st. 21

Medical center on Korablestroiteley st. 21

Medical center on Korablestroiteley st. 21

Medical center " GAIDE "

Сonstruction of bath complexes

Сonstruction of bath complexes

Construction of the bath complex

Construction of the bath complex

Construction of the bath complex

IKEA Plant

Reconstruction of PACS, SCS, CCTV systems

Temple in Cherepovets

Facade repair

Central passenger terminal "Pulkovo"

Alarm system at customs inspection
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